List of Chlorella Benefits – The Champion of Survival

Chlorella – The Champion of Survival

Chlorella is the most common and well-known type of freshwater algae and is often referred to as ‘the champion of survival’ because of its ability to adapt and survive even in the most hostile conditions such as glacial areas or deserts. Indeed, algae has been around since time immemorial and it’s been shown that chlorella specifically has been around for more than 2,5 thousand million years.

Before I get into the list of chlorella benefits, I just wanted to make a mention of its incredible capacity to survive any conditions because that kind of tenacity and fortitude must somehow translate into the qualities that would benefit our health.

The Champion of All Vegetarians and Vegans

Chlorella, despite being such a simple plant, contains just about all fundamental nutrients necessary for our health including all the essential amino acids which makes it a perfect protein – something that all the vegetarians and vegans must certainly appreciate. What’s more, chlorella’s protein content is as much as 60 %, in practice much higher than the protein content of meat or even soy, which contains only half amount of protein compared to chlorella.

On top of that, chlorella contains high amount of vitamin B12, a nutrient that often especially vegans have difficulty sourcing and supplementing. For anyone else concerned about their B12 levels ( B 12 deficiency can be caused by chronic gastritis, decreased absorption due to aging and chronic inflammation), 2-3 grams of chlorella on a daily basis can ensure and even surpass most people’s daily need of this vitamin.

Chlorophyll – The Champion of Green Energy

The quality of any green food is determined by the chlorophyll content. Once again, chlorella takes the first prize as the chlorophyll concentration of chlorella is the highest of all plants known today. Chlorophyll, simply put, is the blood of the plants, whose chemical structure is very similar to the structure of hemoglobin in humans.

To understand all the advantages of including chlorophyll rich foods in our diets, it is important to note that hemoglobin is an oxygen carrying protein in our blood and carries oxygen from our lungs to the rest of the body. It should come as no surprise that chlorophyll thus improves the quality of our blood and makes the oxygen supply to all parts of our bodies more efficient. Due to these qualities, chlorophyll has been shown to be beneficial in the following ways:

increases energy and performance

– supports and speeds up healing of wounds and burns

– prevents infection and inflammation (as it is effective against a number of harmful bacteria)

– eases pain

– protects against harmful radiation

– eliminates toxins

– stabilizes blood pressure and strengthens heart

– diminishes bad smells (body, breath, sweat etc)

Growth Factor C.G. F – The Champion of Rejuvenation

Another unique ingredient of chlorella is growth factor C.G.F which, as the name suggests, promotes growth in a natural way giving chlorella its characteristic ability to repair damaged cells’ and tissues, accelerate healing and promote new cells’ growth, making chlorella the champion of rejuvenation and regeneration.

Furthermore, chlorella’s growth factor has other health promoting characteristics:

– stimulates growth of good bacteria in our intestinal track thus effectively acting as a probiotic

supports and strengthens immune system by stimulating the production of interferon, which is the main line of defense against viruses and bacteria but also white blood cells’ called macrophages which capture and neutralize anything that our immune system does not recognize as ‘ME’

contains nucleic acids (10 % RNA and 3 % DNA) which also participate in increased production of proteins, enzymes and cellular energy, promoting and speeding up healing and tissue repair. Since nucleic acids begin to diminish in humans when we reach thirties, supplementing foods rich in these literally slows down aging and prevents aging related diseases.

Sporopollein – The Champion of Detoxification

Yet another ingredient unique to chlorella only, Sporopollein’s role is to bind the toxins and make them readily available for elimination. As a matter of fact, Sporopollein is possibly unmatched in its ability to bind heavy metals (mercury, lead, cobalt and cadmium) as well as radioactive isotopes, pesticides and herbicides.

Apart from Sporopollein, chlorella naturally contains a range of other nutrients and micro-nutrients that assist in the detoxification processes, thus truly making Chlorella the queen of detoxification. It’s been estimated that a modern man/woman is daily exposed and surrounded by well over 200 different pollutants, a situation that is very hard to escape especially for those living in urban areas. Considering the level of toxicity that is becoming inescapable, the means of regular and systematic detoxification must be implemented in our lives to maintain a good health and prevent degenerative diseases.

Let us Sum it Up

And so it never ceases to amaze me how much is hidden within such a simple plant as chlorella. Perhaps it is the advantage of being around, being here longer than any other form of life, almost like a synthesis of all experience of adaptation and survival that makes chlorella such a unique powerhouse of nutrients that even in today’s modern world, we find chlorella indispensable to our health.

Indeed, where else should we search for a food or a supplement that could do so much for a 21st century man?

– to provide a complete nutrition including a high level of quality protein (nowadays, with a modern agricultural techniques and a mineral depletion of agricultural soil, not to mention the pollution with pesticides and herbicides, it is highly questionable whether commercially grown food can still provide necessary nutrients and the supplementation with nutrients packed super foods is becoming unavoidable)

– to increase energy, endurance and stamina for a better performance

– to stimulate and support our immune systems which is essential taking into account the growing pollution, stress and various new strains of bacteria resistant to antibiotics and traditional treatments. It is therefore wise to have a strong and functional immune system that can fight for us 24/7.

– to effectively detoxify our bodies of all the pollutants including heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and radiation

– to support cells’ and tissue healing, repair and regeneration (chlorella is a go to food in any kind of recovery)

– to act as a probiotic and promote a healthy gut flora

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