How To Lower The Blood Sugar Naturally – Keep It Green and Simple

Helen is 61 years old woman ( a friend of mine’s mother) who suffers a range of conditions, including hyperglycemia, arrhythmia and constant aches and pains in some parts of her body. Naturally, her lifestyle is not exemplary, lots of bread, meat and potatoes and on top of that, she is a smoker and a regular drinker. Her blood sugar levels are borderline and so she needs to have regular blood sugar tests to determine the need for blood sugar lowering medications. She is an old school type who keeps resisting any form of allopathic medication and prefers to find a way to lower blood sugar naturally.

Primary Signs and Symptoms of High Blood Sugar   High blood sugar

Helen is one of the many people who nowadays suffers high blood sugar levels or hyperglycemia. High blood sugar levels are usually a precursor of diabetes or often the symptom of diabetes. Any kind of imbalance in our bodies can have catastrophic consequences on our health in a long run and sugar imbalances are no exception. The most common signs of hyperglycemia are:

– increased thirst

– frequent need to urinate

but it can also manifest as:               High blood sugar signs

– an extreme hunger

– blurred vision

– tiredness

– irritability

– headaches

– frequent infections

– slow healing of wounds

– markedly decreased mental capacity (brain fog and problems with thinking and concentration).

Long-term Consequences of High Blood Sugar   Consequences

Hyperglycenia (and Diabetes type 2) are nowadays generally considered to be lifestyle diseases, which means that we develop them as a consequence of poor lifestyle choices, predominantly acidic diet low in nutrients but high in calories and the lack of exercise. As a result, the cells of our bodies become ‘resistant’ (or they stop responding) to insulin – a hormone that enables sugar molecules to pass into our cells to supply them with necessary energy. Since the sugar cannot pass into our cells, it remains in the blood and the elevated blood sugar levels then lead to the conditions known as high blood sugar, hyperglycemia and diabetes.

Long-term elevated presence of sugar in our blood leads to blood vessels damage and has serious health implications especially on the following organs and systems of our bodies:

– cardio-vascular system ; the narrowing of blood vessels, angina, heart attack, stroke and heart disease

– nerve damage; tingling and numbness in the toes and fingers, the loss of feeling in the affected parts

– kidney damage and failure

– eye damage

– neurological diseases

– depression

Lowering Blood Sugar

green barley grass juice
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It seems that the core problem of long-term blood sugar elevation is a certain ‘desensitization’ of our cells to insulin or insufficient amount of insulin to help all the sugar out of a bloodstream and into the cells. The complications of a constant hyperglycemia affect some of the most vital organs and systems and therefore the blood sugar management should be the top priority for anyone suffering any blood sugar imbalances.

Since we have already mentioned that diet and lifestyle are the key factors in creating hyperglycemia, naturally, it is the diet and lifestyle that should be the solution then. Let us go back to our friend Helen. On my suggestion, she started supplementing her diet with green barley grass juice and with her next blood sugar level check up, she was relieved to find out that her previously borderline levels have decreased and stabilized in a way that surprised even her doctor. Soon, Helen even stopped complaining about arrhythmia and happily convinced her best friend to try green barley grass juice as a solution to her high blood sugar and high cholesterol problems. Happily, I can testify that both of them have become the most devout green barley grass juice drinkers and advocates.

Green Barley Grass Juice Solution 

green barley grass
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Yes! I acknowledge that a complete change of diet and lifestyle overnight is possible (because many have done it ! ) but I also acknowledge that for some of us, radical changes are difficult and may even be detrimental to a long term success. I have, therefore, always advocated small changes at a time and building up on our previous successes. Since i have discovered green barley grass juice powder supplement and seen the results it has manifested for so many, I have come to the conclusion that including green barley juice in our diet on a regular basis could be a significant step in reversing so many of our current modern day health problems.

Since green barley juice is a complete food, super packed with nutrients, phytonutrients and enzymes and slightly alkaline in nature, it provides our bodies with everything we need to maintain so much-needed balance. And really ! It always comes down to balance. I have already mentioned in some of my previous posts how ingenious our bodies are and how super capable they are of running smoothly all thousands of operations that keep us alive. There can be no doubt that our bodies have almost super natural ability of keeping us alive even when we do everything to the contrary. Imagine what our bodies can do for us if we just start working with the rather than against them. And the very least we can do to help our bodies in their monumental tasks is to give them quality nutrition to help them along.

Nature Always Provides  natural solutions

Sure. Nobody wants a lifetime of medications and certainly, nobody likes the side-effects that the lifetime of medications necessarily brings along. It is wise to look in the natural world for solutions as these solutions usually return our bodies to balance rather than force them into seeming balance (as is often the case with medications). From the experiences of many I have seen and known, supplementing regularly with green barley grass juice powder can reverse most of the lifestyle related diseases including hyperglycemia and diabetes. Feel free to check my other posts on green barley grass juice and its benefits and also FAQ pages for dosing and other practical and safety matters.

3 thoughts on “How To Lower The Blood Sugar Naturally – Keep It Green and Simple

  1. Hi Marina, thank you for sharing your information on how to lower your blood sugar naturally. I learned a lot about the signs and symptoms, long term consequences and the importance of reducing your blood sugar.
    My sister has high blood sugar and I didn’t really appreciate the full consequences of her illness.
    Green Barley Grass Juice Powder sounds like a great first step to lowering your blood sugar. I’m a firm believer in trying natural solutions as a first line of defense.
    I will definitely pass your information along to her. I’m impressed with the success your friends have had with the Green Barley juice. It sounds like such a promising option for those who are dealing with hyperglycemia and diabetes and looking to try a natural option!

    • Hello Eliza, thank you for your comment. Yes, high blood sugar can have a pretty serious consequences if not dealt with in time. You are right, natural solutions should always be the first line of defence as they can help to balance the problem out in line with the body rather than pushing against it. Feel free to pass the information to your sister, as I know of a few people who had significant improvement in their blood sugar imbalances just by including green barley grass juice in their diet.
      All the best to you

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