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We live in strange times. For most of us in the western world, the amount and variety of food available on the market is unprecedented in human history. In a regular supermarket, we can choose from literally thousands of different brands and foods, lots of these are nowadays even boosted by added vitamins, minerals, fiber or other nutrients that are considered to be beneficial for our health. But the question is : Modern supermarket

‘Are we really getting the most out of our food?’

I would make educated guess here and suggest that if you’ve made it this far, reading this blog, you have your doubts about modern western diet. Whatever it is that got you to research the benefits of barley grass juice powder, you are probably keen on making some changes in your lifestyle. And although changing a diet can be pretty daunting for most of us (me included), I have some good news for you

Including Green Foods Can Be the Simplest Solution

Green barley grass juice is a complex food.  Rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids (building blocks of protein) and of course enzymes, it is live food that have maintained all the nutrients present in the sap of barley grass. It is such a complete food that if ever all the supermarkets ran out of food, this is the one product I’d like to have at home in stock. Yes, due to it’s nutritionally rich content, it is considered to be a complete food that not only provides all essentials for our bodies, but it also acts as an internal cleaner.

Repairing and Re-building Building and Repair

The quality of our body and how well it functions depends on what we put into it. Eating ’empty’ foods, which are often high in calories yet completely devoid of any real nutrients is not going to give us a very efficient body. Our bodies are so perfect, they perform thousands of different functions every moment of our lives without us ever having to think about it or do anything about it. All we need to do, our only responsibility, is to provide the system with quality nutrients / material ! And that is it ! Not so much to ask for, is it?

Once our bodies have that quality material to work with, they can do the rest. Now, depending on how long we have been providing our bodies with insufficient or lesser quality nutrients, the repair (which happens on a cellular level) might take a while. But it will happen if we give it time.

Nourishing and Cleansing Cleaning from inside out

Achieving good health is not possible without balance and our bodies are actually very sophisticated machines that aim to keep the balance at all costs. Most of us don’t even know that most of the so called ‘civilization’ diseases are nothing else but attempts of the body to maintain the balance (more on that in my next post). We not only have to provide our bodies with quality nutrients but we also need to make sure that the harmful substances get efficiently removed or neutralized. Green foods come in handy again as they fulfill this dual function better than any other foods – they nourish and cleanse at the same time.

Ph balancing and alkalizing

green barley grass
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The finest balance in the body is pH balance (or acid/alkaline balance). The pH of blood is very strictly maintained at 7.4, which is slightly alkaline. This balance is so important not just for health but for life itself, that even the slightest deviation can lead to very serious conditions and even death (pH drop of just 0,2 points). As I mentioned in a previous paragraph, our body will do anything to maintain this balance, which in practice means that it’ll ‘push’ the problem (too much acidity) into parts of our bodies which are not essential for survival (skin, oral cavity or urinary tract, for example).

Unfortunately, our modern diet and modern way of life (stress included), pollution and toxins that are nowadays hard to avoid produce more acids in our bodies than we are capable of handling and maintaining a healthy and balanced pH is becoming harder and harder. Green barley grass juice once again is the food to reach for. The juice powder is alkaline and as such will neutralize acids and thus help to re-establish healthy pH balance with a regular use.

Anti – aging and Longevity

The best should be always left for the end so I’ve decided to end on anti-ageing note. Ageing happens naturally and to all of us but the pace and extent at which it happens depends largely on our diet and lifestyle and one of the biggest culprits are infamous free radicals. Free radicals are, simply put, molecules with missing electrons which makes them highly unstable and reactive. They damage healthy cells by stealing electrons from them and thus beginning the cycle of oxidative damage that is known as ageing. Free radicals come from pollution, smoke, alcohol, medications, fried food, pesticides etc but are also a common by-product of metabolism in our bodies.

green barley grass
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The only solution to free radicals are anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are free electrons that simply substitute the missing electrons of free radicals and make the unstable molecules stable once more. I don’t think I need to be dropping  more hints here anymore… but, YES, green barley contains plenty of those just to complete the picture.

One of the most eminent anti-aging nutrients present in green barley grass juice powder is SOD (superoxide dismutase) enzyme that has been found to be extremely efficient in preventing oxidative damage and aging. For this reason, SOD is commonly used in cosmetics and facial and body care products as an anti-oxidant and anti-aging ingredient. It is effective in preventing wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and also UV damage. Well… what else to say ! So much goodness in one glass of green juice !

All in One

Green barley grass juice is indeed a powerhouse of nutrients in their purest, most vital form. Not only does it contain all the essential nutrients to power the body and encourage natural healing processes to occur, it replenishes enzymes, neutralises toxins and acidity, but also acts as powerful anti-oxidant, preventing oxidative damage and ageing.  Certainly the easiest and the most efficient food/ medicine known to man.

All in One



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    Thank you much for this article, I never new Barley Grass had so much nutritional value and never really new much about it. This is something I will seriously consider including into my diet now.

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