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Detoxification has sure been the buzz word for a while. And not without reason. The need to detoxify our bodies has become common knowledge for those of us who understand that as much as it’s necessary to clean our houses and take out the garbage regularly, it’s essential (and I would even go as far as to say ‘obligatory) to do the same for our bodies. It is vital to include body cleanse and detox naturally on a regular basis and to make it part of our everyday life as much as possible

Synthetic Chemicals – Bread Our Everyday

In 1962, an American biologist Rachel Carson wrote a radical book called ‘Silent Spring’ in which she stated: “For the first time in the history of the world, every human being is now subjected to contact with dangerous chemicals, from the moment of their conception until death.”

The synthetic chemicals industry, in their quests to make our lives better, easier, longer-lasting, smoother, more shiny, more durable etc, has created well over 80 000 synthetic chemicals in the last 50 years and continues to produce another hundreds each year. These chemicals are now part of the food we eat, water we drink, things we use and without exception our bodies too.

Although the myriads of chemicals now part of our everyday lives have never really been tested for safety prior to their release into our environment, nowadays there’s a growing scientific evidence that shows the toxicity and the detrimental effects of many of these chemicals on our health. Many of the commons chemicals have been implicated in disrupting neurological functions, hormonal and endocrine systems, fertility and immunity.

Heavy Metals Toxicity

Apart from the toxic chemicals that we are exposed to on everyday basis, the toxic load gets further burdened up with heavy metals such as Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Palladium as well as electromagnetic and radioactive pollution. Not easy times to stay clean and healthy indeed.

Heavy metals are present everywhere around us, they do not disintegrate, on the contrary, they accumulate in the environment and human body. They are toxic (poisonous) for a human body and naturally, they should not be found in a human body as our bodies have no built-in mechanism to effectively detoxify or eliminate them. The only way our bodies can deal with such a toxic load is to store it. However, storing heavy metals has shown to interfere and obstruct cells metabolism, resulting in cells death and thus becoming breeding ground for cancer.

Chlorella the Champion

Looking for foods that help our bodies deal with the amount of toxicity that we are bombarded with every day, one would be hard-pressed to find better suited food for this purpose than Chlorella pyrenoidosa.

Chlorella, a simple unicellular alga that has been around since the time immemorial (2,5 thousand million years according to research), being therefore dubbed the champion of survival because of its unique ability to adapt to any conditions no matter how harsh and inhospitable to organic life. It is thought that it is due to this long evolutionary process and survival that chlorella has been able to develop certain protective qualities which are then passed on to us.

Chlorella contains many unique ingredients making it a go to food to boost immunity, brain function, energy and performance, tissue repair and wound healing and of course detoxification.

Let’s Talk Detoxification

There are a number of key components of chlorella that make it the champion of detoxification.

1. Chlorophyll – Chlorella contains the highest amount of chlorophyll of all known plants. The chlorophyll, often described as blood of plants, has purifying effects on our blood and bowels, while at the same time supporting the function of the two most important organs of elimination and detoxification – liver and kidneys

2. Three layers of protective cell walls where the middle one (which is also the thickest one) contains cellulose micro fibrils creating a mesh like network which traps heavy metals and ensures their safe elimination

3. Sporopollein – another component unique to chlorella only, binds irreversibly heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cobalt and cadmium but it’s been also shown to be effective in removing from a human body active isotopes, pesticides and herbicides.

4. Specific fytochemicals which are implicated in supporting detoxification processes in the body

5. High amount of heavy-metal binding proteins

… And some more detoxification

Apart from heavy metals, chlorella has been (so far) found to be effective in cleansing our bodies from:

– Radioactivity produced by industries and military (including medical radiotherapy)

– Solvents – nowadays commonly used in body care products, cosmetics, cleaning products, lacquers and paints.

– Alcohol – chlorella binds the toxic material in our gastrointestinal track which is then directly eliminated, reinforcing alcohol metabolism. Thus, we can avoid ill-famed ‘hangover’ by consuming 4 – 5 gm of chlorella before we take any alcohol

– Various pesticides and herbicides

PCB (poly chlorinated bi phenol)

Recommended chlorella dosage for detoxification is 4 mg a day

Added benefits of detoxification with Chlorella

As I ‘ve written earlier, I do not know of any other food that would posses the same detoxifying qualities as chlorella pyrenoidosa. In Asia, chlorella has been used as a supplement for centuries and because of its healing properties, it’s often referred to as a ‘miracle’ food. Let us not forget that when detoxifying with chlorella, we are getting the added benefit of:

– Kidney and liver support

– Immunity support (encourages production of T- cells, macrophages and interferon)

– Probiotic support (chlorella acts as a probiotic in our intestines)

– Nutritional support (due to its high nutrient content, chlorella is considered a ‘complete’ food)

– Tissue repair and healing (unique component CGF which favors natural growth and healing)

– Improved brain function

– increased energy, performance and stamina

– Positive effect on eye-sight

– Cholesterol regulation

– Cancer prevention

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